CMPD chief says aid was not rendered fast enough to shooting victim, wants to see changes

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Chief of Police said he doesn't like what he saw in the body cam footage from the day a CMPD officer shot and killed an armed man. Now, he wants to change how officers render aid and how fast Medic can get to a scene. 

The additional nine minutes of body camera footage released on Wednesday, April 24 shows what the officers did and did not do in the moments after Officer Wende Kerl fired shots at Danquirs Franklin, killing him. 

“I gotta get the gun,” Kerl is heard saying.

She goes over to Franklin and removes the gun from underneath his body. 

"I know, I don't like how it looks, and I think I’m a reasonable person. I think most reasonable people would want to see better," Putney said.

In the footage Officer Kerl calls for backup, talks with other officers and attempts to keep the scene clear. Moments later, she goes back to her car, puts her head on the steering wheel and a sergeant gives her permission to turn off her body camera.   

What we don't see is an officer help Franklin. It took firefighters four minutes after shots were fired to get to the scene and start first aid.

"What cannot be more disheartening is it appears that but for training, we could have rendered more aid," Putney said. 

He said he wants to change protocol and stage medic around the corner when officers respond to an armed suspect, so medical attention can come faster if need be.

"We’ve got to be better than that. We know we have to be better than that," he said. 

Questions still linger over the department's transparency, if the shooting was justified, and why there is video from only one police body camera. 

The District Attorney’s Office said they are now reviewing the case. CMPD said the DA will make the call on criminal charges against Officer Kerl, or if she was justified in pulling the trigger.