CMPD continues to search for carjacking suspect after wrong vehicle pursued

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police chased the wrong vehicle after responding to a carjacking in northeast Charlotte overnight.

The victim reported his vehicle stolen from the 1400 block of Tom Hunter Road from a hotel parking lot.

The victim speaks Spanish and had a friend translate to dispatchers for him resulting in confusion with the description of the stolen vehicle, according to CMPD.

CMPD says the original information the 911 operator received was that the  stolen vehicle was a gray Toyota passenger car (Corolla).

A short time later, officers attempted to make a traffic stop on a silver Toyota Camry. The vehicle did not stop and officers chased after it. A man was driving and there were two female passengers, according to police.

As the chase was happening the officers investigating the carjacking arrived at the scene and spoke with the victim. The victim told the officers the stolen vehicle was a Toyota SUV not a Corolla. The chase after the Toyota Camry ended.

Police said the vehicle involved in the chase was found a short time later abandoned near Equipment Drive. The driver ran from the vehicle. He has not been arrested. Officers say they do not know why the man ran. Neither the driver or the two passengers of the vehicle involved in the chase were involved in the robbery, according to police.

Police say the victim's stolen car has not yet been located.