CMPD gets woman new car after she was robbed at gunpoint

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The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department got results for a local woman who had been carjacked and robbed at gunpoint.

On Thursday, the department gave Hope McKinney a brand new car with the help of Scott Clark Auto Group.

McKinney says she was on her way home one night on Pondella Drive when two men came up to her asking for a lighter. McKinney turned to walk away, and she says that's when she heard one suspect running behind her. He pulled out a gun, and told her to hand everything over. 

"He took my car, he took my purse, he took my keys, he took my wallet," McKinney said. "He tried to take over my life. That's how I feel."

McKinney was left on the street with nothing. Thankfully she was able to get home that night, but she says she was devastated by the knowledge that she was going to have to "start over" in a sense. 

That's where CMPD and their Emergency Needs Fund came in to help. 

"The goal of the Emergency Needs Fund is to build relationships and help meet the most immediate needs for the most vulnerable members of our community who we protect and serve," CMPD said in a statement. "The fund, established in 2015, helps the officers who identify a need to bridge the gap many families face when they try to pay for essential items like food, clothing or shelter." 

CMPD says McKinney's story touched many in the community including many organizations. 

"She went through a traumatic experience, and to just see her face, the tears and the joy, it just made all of this so well worth it," Scott Clark said. 

Clark, McKinney and CMPD officers gathered at police headquarters to present the car. 

"I appreciate this so much" McKinney said through tears. "I know this is an exaggeration, but it feels like...CMPD, city of Charlotte, Scott Clark, Toyota just kind of came out and kept me from further falling."