CMPD Holds Financial Crimes Forum

CMPD is fighting financial crimes one forum at a time.

Detectives with the department's investigations division held a public forum Thursday night to advise residents on the best ways to protect their money. They said everyone is a target and should be taking the proper precautions.

Charlotte resident Nancy Horne attended the forum after both her son and husband had run-ins with identity thieves. She said she has since had a freeze put on her credit accounts and is extra vigilant.

"I look at my bank statement at least once a month to make sure nothing funny is going on there,” said Horne. “And, I always look at my credit card statements, either online or on paper, to make sure there's nothing there that I didn't authorize."

Detectives with CMPD said, if you are scammed, you should always report it to your local police department by calling 311.

For those of who couldn't make it to the forum, the department plans to hold another one at St. John's Baptist Church after the holidays.