CMPD honors Officer of the Month Mariah James

Protect and serve has always been a phrase popularly used with police departments across the country. One CMPD officer in particular embodies the motto.   

CMPD officer Mariah James is being recognized as officer of the month. She lives to protect families and serve her community. 

“I just love to help people. I wanted to be everything when I was younger-- I wanted to be a doctor a journalist and I figured I kind of can do all that with this job,” James said. 

Officer James has done several good deeds in the Charlotte community. 

She responded to a woman who had her purse stolen, stayed with her, and took her to the gas station to help her get where she needed to be.

At a mother's request, she mentored a young girl who was going down the wrong path.

"Now she works at Chick-Fil-A," Officer James said. 

She comforted a woman-- who came to Charlotte from Africa with her husband—when the husband died unexpectedly. His wife was devastated and alone.

“Every time I would leave the house she would pull me no please don't leave me,” said Officer James. “I just have a heart for people…I love helping people, it’s just my passion. "