CMPD increases patrols in Charlotte-area malls

Tis' the season of giving, they say. But for some, it's the season of taking. 

"I just had a gentleman just sit down and take $20 from me,” holiday shopper Tim Kipp said. 

For others, it's the season of taking as holiday shoppers take to the store and thieves wait for the perfect opportunity to strike and steal those high value gifts you spend your hard earned money on. 

"I've had people look into my car but the best thing to do is not just leave anything in it. No bags, no purses, No laptop, boxes or anything like that. Nothing that would peak anybody's interest," Prince Blue said.

That’s exactly what CMPD wants you to when you are shopping for those holiday deals.

"Sometime you think, ‘well, I've heard this before’ but the hustle and bustle of trying to get your holiday shopping done out of the way, sometimes we rush and don't necessarily take into consideration some of the thing that we might on a normal shopping day," CMPD Captain Ryan Butler said. 

CMPD and Concord police will be increasing patrols inside and outside the malls. CMPD even putting their recruits to work at shops helping customers and giving you safety tips as you to head to your car.

"If you are going to go back in to do additional shopping, I know parking can be bear sometimes, but go ahead and move your vehicle to another part of the parking lot. That way, if someone was watching you go to your vehicle, they are under the impression that you are going somewhere else," Capt. Butler said. 

CMPD also plans on putting in their Sky towers and officer on bikes patrolling the parking lots.

Shopper say the extra security force is helpful.

"It also makes shoppers more comfortable to come out and shop," Blue said. 

Tim Kipp says his $20 may be gone but he's definitely learned his lesson.

"It makes you aware of how crazy it can be. So I take no changes and that's how I’m going to be safe just go from A to B and away I go,” Kipp said.