CMPD: Man panhandling hit and killed on I-77 SB ramp, Exit 4

A man panhandling was hit and killed off the I-77 SB, Exit 4 ramp Tuesday morning, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

Officers said the pedestrian, identified as Matthew Burroughs, 47, from South Carolina was panhandling on the exit ramp.

"There is a city ordinance against panhandling. These laws are in place to save lives. And, unfortunately, there is an example today as to why these laws are in place," Officer John Burgin said, with North Carolina Highway Patrol.

Troopers said the man received money from one car and was crossing back to the other side when he was hit. He crossed in between a truck and it's trailer. The light turned green and the truck started to go and the man fell and was run over by the trailer and killed, according to police.

Officer Burgin went on to say, "As an adult, you are out here asking people for money. You are stepping out into the road. It is illegal to do it and there is a reason why it is illegal."

FOX 46 Charlotte spoke with a two people who knew the man. They said Burroughs was doing what he had to do to survive through some tough times.

"He had fell at the light, so I came out and rushed and we got there and there was just blood laying all over the street," Jawan Randolph said.  "We cannot find work so we come together, we put together our money. We need a place to stay, a place to sleep, clothes on our backs."

"Nobody likes being on the side of the road with a sign saying needing food," Tyteries Dunbar explained. "He did what he had to do."

No charges are pending for the driver.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.