CMPD: No arrest made in University City bank robbery

Officers responded to a shooting and a robbery that occurred late Monday morning nearby an SECU just outside the UNC Charlotte campus, police say.


The suspect was trying to rob the State Employee's Credit Union at 8605 University Boulevard and was shot at by the credit union's security officer, reports say. It is unclear if the suspect was injured.

"I get out of my car and the next thing I hear is gun shots," a witness to the shooting said. He was just next door to the SECU when he heard gunfire.

Police say they got the call about a bank robbery at the credit union around 10:40 in the morning.

"The only thing I saw was the suspect running off towards UNCC’s campus and the security guard standing his ground at the bank."

The university issued a notice to students regarding an alleged armed robbery on campus and that they "believe there is no threat presented to the university at this time." The incident happened off-campus.

UNC Charlotte sent out an alert to students within minutes. It said eye witnesses saw a green Honda Civic speeding away toward I-85.

The security guard at the bank fired several shots at the suspect, according to CMPD. The suspect, carrying a semi-automatic weapon, fled the scene. 

Police and Medic say no one was hurt inside the bank.

The witness says he's grateful he didn't get caught up in the gunfire.

"I'm glad I'm not a state employee's member. That's for sure. I was here on a random chance."