CMPD officer honored for reuniting stolen dog with owner

A CMPD officer is being honored for returning a stolen car to its rightful owner, but it's what was inside that car that the owner truly cared about: her little puppy.

Detective Carl Albanese is being recognized by CMPD as Officer of the Month for finding a stolen dog that was taken during a carjacking.

"It's nice when there's a positive outcome to a case cause' a lot of times we don't' get that," Det. Albanese said. 

A viral video led to Det. Albanese being honored. For Angel King, the pup's owner, it began on a fateful February day while delivering food for Door Dash.  


"[I] did my hair, went to the beauty supply, pet store for toys for Ruby, since I spent so much money I had to make this money back so I have to Door Dash," King said.  

But at one stop, her car was stolen with Ruby inside. 

"Once I came around the staircase and I hear 'vrooom,' it was like a movie and all you saw was smoke," said King. "I'm panicking, I'm losing my mind." 

She was heartbroken and defeated. 

"I never thought I'd see her again," she told FOX 46. 

On the ride home with police, all she could think about was Ruby. Then, King got an alert on her phone her credit card was being used.

"When I got the case, I knew definitely it was a time-sensitive case, just because there was a dog it was two days," Det. Albanese said. 

Albanese used the surveillance video from that credit card purchase and through thorough investigative work found Ruby. 

"Well at first I think I was more excited than she was because when I found her and saw the dog," he said. 

The Ruby reunion was absolutely priceless. 

"For a case like this, you steal somebody's property or car you can replace those things, but that was like her child the way she described it to me. So for here to get that back was more important than anything else." 

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Detective Albanese, getting results in the community. 

"The utmost gratitude. I'm so grateful for them," King said.