CMPD officer honored with full Thanksgiving meal as "Thanksgiving Hometown Hero"

This isn't what Officer Stephen Sterrett was expecting when he came into work for roll call.

"I hope you are hungry," Jenny Kemp said.

"I am," Officer Sterrett said.

"Well, there is plenty of food," Kemp said.

His wife Lane Sterrett was planning on making Thanksgiving dinner for the officers working on Thanksgiving. She stumbled on a Facebook contest from La Brea Bakery honoring people that served their communities with a full meal.

"You know he's worked thanksgivings, he's worked Christmases and birthdays and anniversaries,” Lane Sterrett said.

Sterrett's wife passionately wrote him in saying: "He has the patience of a saint. I don't know how he deals with the situations that he is put into because of his job.  All I know is that he loves what he does."

"I was just so surprise that when i got another email saying that he had won. But i didn't know how big of a deal it was and i had no idea how many people. I thought oh we won must be people didn't put in for it," Lane Sterrett said.

More than 3,000 entries came from all over the county and only 10 heroes were selected.

La Brea Bakery doing all of this just to show gratitude for everyday heroes who have to miss this holiday due to work schedules.

"We really want to thank these people for everything they do for our community and what they give back," La Brea Bakery Spokesperson Connie Gannaway said.

"Officer Sterrett is a very dedicated officer and to come out here and patrol the streets of charlotte on a thanksgiving day like this, we are giving up a lot for our families and stuff, just to be able to give back to him is really special," Sgt. Jason Hithcock said.

"I can't do this job without family. I’m thankful for having great supervisors. They've been there whenever I needed something," Officer Sterrett said.