CMPD Officer of the Month: Alex Mosic is living the American Dream

CMPD getting results by keeping you safe in your neighborhood.

CMPD's Officer of the Month for March has endured quite a journey to Charlotte to live the American dream.

Officer Alex Mosic is being honored for his dedication to detail. In a span of 14 days he made 13 significant arrests of bad guys doing various crimes.

"It’s about community it’s about protecting those who need protection," Officer Mosic said. 

Protecting those who need protection is something Officer Mosic learned early in life growing in war-torn Serbia. 

“I was only dreaming to become a doctor or something. I guess when all these wars started over there. That's what changed my mind. I actually wanted to go out help those who need help.”

He enlisted in the military working in special operations.

“Did you lose a lot of people over there?” FOX 46’s Brien Blakely asked.   

“I did… I did," said Officer Mosic.

Officer Mosic came to America to find a better life for his family and now he's truly living the American dream with his wife and two boys.  

He's working his way up in the navy reserve. He first lived in New York working for NYPD before coming to Charlotte.

"The quality of life in Charlotte is much better in Charlotte, I love Charlotte."

Guess you could say Officer Alex Mosic is living the American Dream.