CMPD Officer of the Month: Angela Starnes brings kindness to the job

True heroes never want recognition for their good deeds, but one CMPD officer definitely deserves the spotlight shined on her for her simple acts of kindness in helping someone who was down and out on their luck.

Officer Angela Starnes is being recognized for her simple act of kindness. She was working at the airport one day when she noticed a man who looked beat down. At first she thought he was homeless.

“Went a little further to find more about him. Found out he wasn’t homeless that he was actually stranded here in Charlotte-- a construction worker that had been caught by the storms,” Officer Starnes said.

It was January 13. Snow blanketed the Carolinas, and the man was trying to get back to his family in Fayetteville, but flights had been cancelled. 

Officer Starnes said the frazzled man who had been sleeping on a chair in baggage claim, had no money and looked like he needed food and rest.

“That was actually one of the first questions I had asked him. I asked him when was the last time you ate and he said yesterday morning and that’s when I kind of just stopped everything,” Officer Starnes said.

Officer Starnes and her big heart didn’t stop at just food. She went one step further and bought him a bus ticket back to Fayetteville with money out of her own pocket.

“He jumped up and gave me a big hug. He warned me which was nice because he says ‘I’m going to give you a big hug.’”

And that’s why Officer Starnes is getting results for CMPD.

“I just felt bad for them and their situation because I’ve been there,” she said.

Officer Starnes homeless for a bit with young kids after fire destroyed her house. Despite those obstacles, she just got her college degree and graduated summa cum laude in the past weeks.

Police officers aren't reimbursed for their good deeds when they buy someone a bus ticket or basketballs for a playground and they don't make six figure salaries.

Officer Starnes will be on Good Day Charlotte Friday morning in the 8:00 a.m. hour.