CMPD Officer of the Month: Mitzi Foster gets results for youth in the community

One CMPD officer is getting results working with juvenile offenders, trying to keep them out of jail, but she says more work needs to be done. 

Officer Mitzi Foster from the Freedom Division is being recognized as Officer of the Month for her tireless working with kids.  Granddaughter Mallory was in attendance for the award ceremony and couldn’t be more proud.  

“She’s been working really hard and that’s what I like about how she works really hard and doesn’t ever give up,” said Mallory.
Officer Foster never gives up.  Her peers say she’s a mother figure working with juvenile offenders.   

“I work with them and their families trying to cut back on juvenile recidivism,” said Officer Foster.
Juvenile recidivism is the tendency for a young criminal to reoffend, over and over.  It is a big problem for Charlotte, one where Officer Foster says it all starts in the home where more work needs to be done.  

“I’m going to be honest with you, we as police officers and the community can’t fix what’s broke at home and if we can start addressing issues and things that we can do in the home life then that’s a good starting point,” said Officer Foster.

Foster has been on the force for more than 29 years, and shows no sign of slowing down. Her fellow officers say she has helped countless young people find their way out of trouble and created many long lasting relationships with them