CMPD officers replace slashed tire, plan to fix door after mother target of harassment

Photos: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department 

Two CMPD officers went above and beyond for a local Charlotte mother after she was the target of repeated harassment by an unknown individual. 

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, the single mom to a 3-year-old little girl had been harassed multiple times recently. On Feb. 5 someone slashed her front tire. A few days before that, someone also tried to break into her home; pushing the door in and breaking the lower half of the door frame. 

CMPD said after taking down the report, Police Officer Reinke stopped by to check in with the mother a few weeks later. He noticed her door was still broken and that she was driving her car on a spare. 

Officer Reinke asked the mom for the damaged tire "to see if he could have their Crime Scene Investigators dust it for prints," knowing it’s not a surface area that can be dusted for prints. The mother happily gave it to him.

Officer Reinke took it to Pepboys to have it replaced and fix a slight bend in the rim.

On Valentines Day’s, Officer Reinke asked Officer Planty to help him bring the new tire and put it back on the Charlotte mother's car. He also bought a stuffed police dog for her 3-year-old daughter.

"Both quickly got to work. They installed the new tire purchased by Officer Reinke and made some temporary repairs to the front door so she could feel safe again. They plan on getting some supplies and going back to fully fix the door frame," CMPD wrote on Facebook. 

If you see Officers Reinke and Planty, say hello and thank them for everything they do!