CMPD prepares for busy travel day at Charlotte Douglas

Thursday is set to be one of the busiest travel days of the year with more than 30,000 people expected to fly out of Charlotte Douglas International, but police say some of those people did not want to deal with the lines and they went about dealing with it the wrong way.

“In the last four weeks, we've had four people charged for making device threats, bomb threats, or wild comments in line,” said Captain Nathan King with CMPD. “This isn't because they were terrorists. It was because they didn't think they had to put up with the inconvenience of their stuff in the security line. It’s ridiculous.” 

It may sound ridiculous, but police say the impatience was boiling over. Airport officials also say it's unusual. They describe the people that have done as being from all walks of life. 

“It’s mainly just travelers or business people that are fed up, and they just run their mouth,” said King. 

King says those who have gotten into hot water with airport officials were saying things they shouldn't and being very detailed.

“Walking into an airport and saying you have a bomb of C4, that is inexcusable.” 

This piece of news is coming just as the airport is getting ready for a busy next few days.

“Tomorrow, we're expected to have 34,000 local people coming into the airport, and that's in addition to the 100,000 each day that are connecting through American Airlines hub operation,” Charlotte DOuglas spokesperson Jack Christine said. 

At this point, they're telling people, if you are going to be flying out, you need to plan for lines. Give yourself two hours for domestic flights and three hours for international and be patient.

“If you make a bomb threat, the next decoration you see is your cellmate's prison tattoo.  Period.  We will take you to jail,” said King. 

Pro tip for holiday travelers: Don't wrap your presents, if they're part of your luggage because they may have to be inspected.