CMPD says January broke record for guns seized

More illegal guns were seized in January than any other month since records have been kept, CMPD says.

"In January alone, CMPD has recovered more than 250 firearms," Major Allan Rutledge said during Wednesday's weekly CMPD press conference.

320 guns have been seized year-to-date, which is already up more than 15 percent from 2018. 2100 illegal guns were seized in 2019.

Rutledge said the types of guns they are finding out on the streets 'should concern all of us,' and that they pose a threat to both police and the public.

High-powered rifles, AK-47's, AR-15's, revolvers, and handguns were some of the weapons mentioned.

More than 100 guns have been stolen from vehicles this year and approximately 800 guns were stolen out of vehicles in 2019.

In one sad incident, Rutledge said that one raid on a home not only revealed three suspects and the seizure of seven illegal guns, but that two young children ages 4 and 12 living inside the home. Heroin, cocaine, and marijuana were also discovered in the home.