CMPD searching for suspect who stole car with child inside

Charlotte Meckleburg police are searching for a man accused of stealing a car from a strip mall, with a baby in the backseat.

The carjacking happened on Dec. 28. The child's mother told police she had gotten out of her car to run into one of the stores at the North Tryon Street mall when she got jumped.

Surveillance video captured the suspect casing the joint for several minutes before he found his victim.

The man sped off in the gray four-door Honda Civic with the baby still strapped inside. He dropped the baby off shortly after.

"The baby wasn't hurt but he did leave the baby on the side of a daycare and the baby was recovered unharmed," said Detective Adrian Johnson with Crimestoppers

Det. Johnson says the suspect is still on the run and they have no idea who he is.

"We have no idea, that’s why we are leaning on the community for help. Someone in the community knows who he is."

The Honda Civic still hasn’t been recovered either.

“It's possible the tags were changed, its possible he’s still driving the vehicle around. Call Crimestoppers at 704-334-1600,” said Det. Johnson.