CMPD sees increase in pedestrian fatalities, works to cut down on deaths

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department says people are “playing Frogger” while crossing the street, which is resulting in deadly consequences. Police say pedestrians aren't using crosswalks, and it’s a problem citywide.

Just after the city bus stopped on Albemarle Road Tuesday afternoon, Fox 46 Charlotte saw a woman dart into traffic into the median, and then she went out into traffic again on a four-lane highway.

“It’s always a hit or miss situation out here,” said John Thornton, one of the owners of the Greasy Axle, an auto shop on Albemarle Road.
Thornton says driving the stretch of road near Farm Pond Lane in east Charlotte is scary.

“A couple of weeks ago, I almost hit someone on my way home from work,” Thornton said.

There have been 24 pedestrians hit and killed so far this year in the City of Charlotte, according to CMPD. This time last year there had been 17 pedestrians killed.

CMPD says they’ve also seen an increase in the number of cases where the pedestrian was at fault.

“They decided to cross four or six lanes of travel ‘playing Frogger’ in between the cars coming at you, extremely dangerous,” Sgt. David Sloan with CMPD said.

CMPD says they’re coming to problem spots like on Albemarle Road at Farm Pond Lane, and they’re letting people know just as they get off the city bus, that they don’t have to dart into traffic because there is a crosswalk less than 100 yards away.

“I’ve always wondered why the city hasn’t maybe put an over walkway--something to make it easier. There’s a lot of people that live right near this intersection,” Thornton said.

Thornton hopes police can help cut down on the number of pedestrians hit, so that people walking and driving in the area won’t have to worry about having a horrific, life-changing accident.

“Then you’ve got on you, ‘Have I hurt somebody? Have I killed somebody,’ even if it’s not your fault.”