CMPD targeting underage drinking, illegal parties in rental spaces

Renters beware: Police are cracking down on illegal parties where underage drinking is sending teens to the hospital. 

CMPD is cracking down on illegal parties they say are encouraging underage drinking and putting teens at risk.     

"Fortunately we've been able to shut down anywhere from 3 to 6 of these parties each week. It will pick up during the summer,” Sgt. Chris rains said. 

Police say party promoters are using homes up for sale and rental spaces to host events including one on North Tryon street where police discovered an illegal strip club. 

"When they use these spaces the renter, the landlord's they don't know what's going on most of the time. These rentals will be in your neighborhoods or in business parks."

Increasingly, kids are being rushed to the hospital from binge drinking. Parents are encouraged to track their kids, funds, phones and spending to see if they're buying tickets to these parties online. 

"We find them lots of times without any supervision at all. There's no security in place, there's nobody checking id's, nobody is checking for weapons and they will serve as much as they can just to get somebody intoxicated."

Officers have been able to shutdown many of the parties by tracking advertisements. They say if you charge an entry fee or sell drinks at a party without an alcohol permit it's illegal. 

Just last month Arizona’s governor passed a new law to crack down on this type of activity at Airbnb’s.

Homeowners could face consequences if renters throw large parties that get out of control. Under the new law, homes cannot be used for large-scale events including weddings and banquets. Fines start at $250, and can go up to 50 percent of the homeowner's revenue for the rental.