CMPD to target sex trafficking during NBA All-Star weekend

The NBA All-Star game is the single largest sporting event Charlotte has ever hosted, and as with all large events, Charlotte Mecklenburg police has a taskforce focusing on sex trafficking.

"We do realize that when we have a lot of people coming in, a lot of guests staying in Charlotte, that's going to be an issue. Charlotte is fortunate to have a taskforce that we've teamed up with the federal government to combat sex trafficking. It's not going to be any different this weekend," CMPD deputy chief Johnny Jennings said. 

The city expects 150,000 visitors between February 15 and 17. CMPD says it will be looking for victims among the masses.

"The biggest key is looking at the age and if you identify someone was that person missing from somewhere, from another state or somewhere from our area," said Jennings. 

CMPD says they will have officers at all NBA All Star events. 

"We're not naive enough to think that's not going to occur. If it does occur, we're going to be ready to arrest and prosecute anyone involved in that," said Jennings. 

There’s also another crime that typically surrounds large sporting events, but CMPD says they’re not making the sale of counterfeit tickets and merchandise a priority.

"Our priority is to keep the city safe. Counterfeit merchandise and tickets, that's a concern with the NBA and the state department. They'll have taskforce members out addressing that. CMPD is going to be tied up with safety and security, crowd management and control, and traffic mitigation. That's going to be keeping us busy," Jennings said.