CMS admits issue with school buses after 2 catch fire within last month

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system acknowledged that there is an issue with some school buses on Wednesday after two have caught on fire within the last month. 

However, they wouldn’t say if the hundreds of other buses that have the same make and model as those that caught fire will be pulled from the roads. 

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Reports show that there are 259 of these buses in question, making up 18 percent of CMS’s total fleet. There are about 3,000 buses with this make and model statewide. 

CMS says you can check to see if your child is on one of those 259 buses on its website tomorrow. 

“We understand the concern with this. This is a very serious situation, we have no had two fires,” said Carol Stamper, Chief Operating Officer for CMS. 

CMS says both fires were on Thomas-built buses, and have the same make and model. In addition, both buses were replacements. 

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The district tells FOX 46 it won't pull any of its busses until the investigation from Tuesday’s fire is complete.

“We will be likely re-inspecting all these buses with the same make and models. Once we know the cause of that is determined for this fire,” Stamper said. “Until we know the cause of the fire it would be premature to pull these buses off the road.” 

They say it's too early to lose faith in the district's entire fleet of buses. Meanwhile, riders are hoping for a quick solution.  

“I hope CMS does fix this now and at some point. Parents will get really mad,” one student said.  

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“We would hope our families and parents will continue to entrust their children with us to travel safely to and from and I think we proof of that every day to entrust their children with us,” said Stamper.