CMS approves student assignment plan survey

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education took the next step towards developing a student assignment plan.

It’s a plan they say is designed to reduce the number of schools with low income families to try and help create more opportunities for all students.

They voted Tuesday to approve a survey in order to receive feedback on the plan from parents, students, and people without CMS students.

Other goals board members hope to accomplish with the student assignment plan include preserving programs where students are excelling, offering different school assignment options for students at schools that are not meeting standards, and reducing overcrowding.

"The importance of this plan is going to be vital to our community,” said Board Chairperson Mary McCray.

The survey goes live on the CMS website this Friday and will be there for people to provide feedback until Feb. 22. School leaders say they encourage everyone to participate.

Anyone without internet access will be allowed to use the computers at their nearest school. Hard copies will be available too.

The survey will be available in Spanish.

After the survey period is over, the data will be presented to the school board. The soonest that can happen is March 10.