CMS high schools randomly chosen for security checks

Eight of the 19 CMS high schools have now been randomly selected to have surprise wand checks and backpack searches.

The security changes come after a deadly shooting inside Butler High School last October.

The names of the selected high schools are not being announced. CMS officials say the security checks could start any day now. Parents will be notified at the beginning and end of any searches at their child’s school.

Detective Wes Eubank with CMS Police wants everyone in an active shooter situation to get out alive. He’s training teachers and other CMS employees on what to do if there’s an active shooter in schools.

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“Who’s getting killed? It’s not the police. It’s y’all. Y’all are the ones dying,” said Eubanks to reporters participating in the same training he gives teachers.

He uses mass shootings like Columbine and Sandy Hook to talk about how to survive.

“What does getting under your desk do to protect you in an active shooter event? Nothing,” said Detective Eubank.

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He teaches the A-B-C’S of survival. They are avoid, barricade, counter, and survive.

Eubank has trained about 4400 employees. He plans to train all 20,000 CMS employees.

On Monday afternoon at a press conference eight names were drawn of the 19 high schools in CMS.

CMS will begin surprise wand checks, backpack searches and portable metal detector deployments any day now at those selected, but unannounced high schools.