CMS: "Hundreds of vacant teaching positions"

Currently there are 437 job openings in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system.

Superintendent Ann Clark says all summer the school board has been trying to reduce that number by beefing up their recruitment strategy.

This summer alone, Clark has been able to hire 21 teachers to work for the district, but she says that's not enough. "We need the help of everyone in this community to continue helping us recruit great teachers to Charlotte," Clark said.

In  a few weeks, 145,000 students and a thousand buses will make their way to the start of the school year. Clark says there is a high need in two specific areas.

"We continue to struggling filling our math and science positions in our district for both middle and high school. So, every opportunity i get in this community i'm recruiting people to be on our recruiting team," Clark said.

We spoke to long time CMS teacher Stevie Roper. She says vacancies play a critical role at the beginning of the school year. "To start the year without a teacher is the hardest thing for the kids. You can go part of the year and lose a teacher and try to fill a spot. Like, that is the most important time to have a qualified teacher in there to get the kids rolling," Ropie said

Roper also says it's really hard to find quality teachers who can fully commit themselves to their position for the long-run. 

A CMS representative tells us that of the 437 positions open, 233 may be filled soon because they have recommendations, 204 of them do not. Clark says the goal is to get that number as low as possible with the help of the community. We need your help. We know you know teachers, invite them to come to Charlotte," Clark said.

Clark says school board members will be providing a full report during their meeting next Tuesday, that's when they'll come up with a plan on how to tackle this issue.