CMS Opens Clothing Closet for Underprivileged Students

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools is taking additional steps toward enriching the lives of underprivileged students

According to CMS Partnership Coordinator Moses Fox III, the district held an opening ceremony Monday for a new clothing closet.

The closet is the result of an assessment that found a growing need for clothing, in at least a dozen of the district's schools.

Moses said it’s an initiative made possible through a partnership with Dignity U Wear, a Florida-based non-profit whose goal is to help provide children with the tools they need for success.

One thing that makes this clothing closet unique is that all of the clothes are brand new, which means the students who wear them will feel the same sense of pride felt by most of their peers.

“Now they don't have to go to class and worry about what they look like, which is extremely important,” said Moses.

In the beginning the closet will only serve middle and high school aged students attending one of the 12 schools most in need.

Fox said social workers and counselors will begin submitting their orders for clothing in late November.

The first shopping day will take place in early December.