CMS school buses to be re-inspected following fires

CMS says it isn't pulling any buses off the road, even though two of them have gone up in flames in the last month, unless their investigation gives them cause to do so. 

"We are ensuring everything possible with our pre-trip inspections our post-trip inspections, our maintenance inspections, we're doing everything that we know to do in order to indicate or to detect anything predictable that may go wrong,” the school system announced in a memo. 

The memo was sent out to schools across the state telling districts to re-inspect and repair every model year bus from 1998 to 2003 with a caterpillar engine.  

"The pre and the post trip inspections are actually conducted by our drivers. The 30-day inspections and the preventive maintenance protocol the processes are conducted by our maintenance staff."

CMS told FOX 46 it has a shortage of maintenance staff.

"Currently, we have eight tech two, which is what we call our wrench turners, they're the ones that actually work on our buses. We currently have eight vacancies out of 42."

Those eight vacancies account for nearly 34 percent of staff who perform the 30-day inspections. 

CMS released this statement saying:
As a proactive measure, CMS is inspecting 250 school buses, activity buses and spare buses with similar engine types. These inspections are closely examining the wiring area of those buses, to determine if there is any indication of a failure.

There is a lot of overtime but the important thing is that we are not shortcutting anything but there are extra hours being worked in order to make certain that we are adhering to and complying to the state requirements for inspections and preventive maintenance.