CMS teachers take gun training course ahead of school year

Some CMS teachers who've never picked up a gun before say this school year they're going to be ready for anything. That's why they signed up for gun training. 

Wednesday night, in a field in Mooresville, teachers had an educational experience for themselves, learning and using firearms. They're getting prepared for the upcoming school year, but are hoping this training is never needed.

"We have developed a society where school shootings happen all the time. Teachers need to be ready for it, inside a school and out," firearms trainer Jerry Gouge says. 

Gouge is teaching the group of educators, and is an eighth grade teacher himself.

'We're going over parts of the firearm and its capabilities," Gouge said. 

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His class is part of a nationwide effort that comes as many states have had to deal with threats and shootings at schools and universities.

"I like being prepared. Tat's how I like to be. You know, we work with children, there's a lot of things going on in schools today. We need to be prepared as adults," teacher Tina Force told FOX 46.  

This is her second time taking part in a training. 

"Anybody can walk up to anybody at any time," Force said.

Gouge says he's not exactly for arming teachers, at least not right now. He says the training involved can be extensive and exhaustive, but if an opportunity ever presented itself for these teachers to take action or if teachers are allowed to eventually be armed, he wants them to know.

"It's the first step in a lengthy process to become fluid," Gouge said. 

The teachers are doing this on their own, but this comes on top of things that both the state and local districts are doing to keep schools safe.