Cold Weather Shelters Prepare for Winter Storm Rush

Cold weather shelters are putting extra beds out this Thursday night in preparation for the expected sleet and freezing rain. The Salvation Army of Gaston County says it always sees a spike in the number of people looking for shelter when temperatures drop below freezing and bad weather hits.

"We see those who have homes that don’t have adequate heating. We see stranded motorists. Of course, we have the homeless folks in the area,” said Captain Mark Hunter with The Salvation Army of Gaston County.

About 10 people take the floor at night during winter months.

We're told that number doubles or even triples when temps go down and bad weather is on the way.

"All of our law enforcement agencies and emergency responders encourage people they encounter during their patrols to come here and even bring them here if they’re in need,” said Hunter.

The Salvation Army’s cold weather shelter is only open at night. If somebody needs to get out of the cold during the day, "As One Ministries" has its doors wide open.

"We do everything from laundry, to showers, to telephone messaging, to mail for the clients,” said Angela Dreher with “As One Ministries”.

One man says the day shelter helped him get his life in order and even buy a house.

"They helped me get my disability going and get my house,” said Darrell Sanders, a client.

Whether you're homeless or a homeowner, The Salvation Army says all are welcome under its roof.

"A man very successful in his career, his wife left him, he went to drinking and lost everything. He came to us, sobered up, and now is able to take care of himself and reconnecting with family,” said Hunter.

The Salvation Army cold weather shelter opens at nine pm. If temperatures are below freezing, they'll bump that up to five-thirty.

The Salvation Army of Gaston County
107 S Broad Street, Gastonia

"As One Ministries"
809 W Airline Ave, Gastonia