Commissioners want to know if DHHS, police missed warning signs in toddler's death

A new call into the investigation of the death of a 3-year-old in Gaston County.

Elected officials told FOX 46 Charlotte they want to know if the Department of Health and Human Services and police missed warning signs that could have prevented the child's death. 

County commissioners and one state lawmaker said there is already a process in place to review the history of the case, stating "We've got to do better."

Police said 3-year-old Jordyn Dumont died at the hands of her mother's boyfriend, Billy McCullen. He has been charged with Jordyn's murder. 

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Both police and the Department of Health and Human Services had been called out to the family's home in the past to check on Jordyn, and another child who lived in the home. 

Both agencies said they did not find any issues. But now, elected leaders in the county said they're getting questions about how both agencies responded.

"When I run into people on the street, 'Have you heard anything new about what happened in the case?' Emails... 'Why wasn't this done, why wasn't that done, why wasn't the child taken away,'" Gaston County Commissioner Mickey Price said. 

Price said the Board of Commissioners is working to set up meetings with the Gaston County Police Chief and the Director of DHHS to get answers in the case. 

"Did we follow protocols, were there any red flags that weren't noticed or was something overlooked?"

A state lawmaker is also considering an independent review of how DHHS handled the Jordyn Dumont case. Representative John Torbett told FOX 46 Charlotte, "There appeared to be numerous red flags in this case and if our laws, rules, or internal process and procedures prohibited action that could have prevented this heinous act, then we must change them now"

County commissioners are expected to talk after Tuesday night's meeting and set a date to meet with the police chief and the DHHS director.