Community Bands Together To Build Local Woman New House After Fire

For Betty Patterson, Sunday afternoon was a celebration. "I am just so thrilled…. I don't have the words," said Patterson.

However, three years ago, in the same spot they celebrated Sunday, Patterson lost everything.

 "She had run an errand and when she came home, she opened up her side door and realized her house was on fire," explained Bill Sutherd of the Huntersville Fire Department.

 Patterson lost her house, but she didn't lose her home. The community of Huntersville came together to create the ‘Build Betty A House' organization, and that's exactly what they did.

 Sutherd said "It kinda gets you emotional when you think about it... It means the community came together for one person and it's exactly what Huntersville is based on."

Jerry Kita helped spearhead the whole thing, but he said he had a lot of help from local churches, neighbors and volunteers.

"There were BBQs, fish fries, silent auctions, afternoon teas, private donations," Kita explained.

 All the fundraising led to a new house for Patterson. It was a gift from the people of Huntersville. Patterson was overflowing with gratitude.

 "Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I live in a great community," she said, choking back tears. 

When the celebrations are over, it's not just Patterson who wins. Sutherd explained that town has gained something as well.

 "We're going move on and feel good about it and know that we can rally when we need to," he said.

It's a perfectly illustrated reminder that there are some things, like a sense of community, that can never be taken away.