Community calls Steak ‘n Shake employee killed in armed robbery a hero

A Steak ‘n Shake employee shot and killed by an armed robbery suspect on Tuesday is being hailed a hero. 

A day after Darnell Harris was murdered, a small memorial showed up outside the building. Stuffed animals, flowers, balloons and his picture all sit outside the restaurant where he worked. Employees from a nearby Popeyes even brought over food to staff. 

According to police, 30-year-old Eddie Doh shot and killed Harris. Police say he also shot and injured a customer, 53-year-old Robert Carpenter Jr.  

On social media, one after one, people posted to share memories and pay their respects to Harris, with one post calling him a hero. 

Another post form a woman says she knew Harris since he was 11, and was a former boss of his at another restaurant. She said he was always kind, helpful and an amazingly good friend to her and her family. 


In another post, Harris is called a good person. They say his death hits hard.

Family released a statement Tuesday night saying they weren't surprised that the man who was a friend to many stepped in to stop the shooter. 

"We are not shocked to learn that he would step in to defend his coworkers and even strangers, because that's just who he was. He was a great man and a protector, and we will miss him," the statement read. 

Harris had been working at the Steak ‘n Shake for eight years, according to a Gwen Golden, a manager at the restaurant. 

She says he was a well-known and important member of the community, and that they will continue to mourn this loss. 

"It's more than just someone you work with...It's like family. It's hurtful," Golden said.