Community catches crook in Mount Holly through social media

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Getting results with social media. A victim of a car break-in is crediting technology and neighbors for helping catch a crook.

Neighbors said they were able to identify Ryan Bayly so quickly with the help of technology and the power of social media. Wednesday, they had a message for all neighbors across the area on how folks can prevent crime.

“It has taken away my security. I didn’t sleep last night. I woke up three or four times just listening.”

Bayly was captured on security video breaking into cars in a Mount Holly neighborhood early Monday morning. The incident is still leaving some homeowners on edge.

But Bayly chose the wrong house. The car he was trying to break into is retired Police Officer Tony Adkins who installed a new security camera just after Christmas.

“It goes along with the cliché a picture is worth a thousand words. If it ain’t on camera, it didn’t happen.”

The break-in did happen, clear as day. As soon as Adkins’ camera picked up movement from the suspect an alert was sent to his cell phone. He tried to find the man but he already ran off. Then he reviewed the security footage.

“I had a lot more than I ever realized that I would get,” he said.

Without a Facebook account, Adkins couldn’t post the video to social media himself. So he turned to his neighbor, Debbie Pack.

She immediately posted the video to the Mount Holly Town Talk Group on Facebook.

“That’s where it really took off because everyone in Mount Holly is concerned with the break-ins that we have been having already.”

Within hours users named Bayly as the suspect, and one woman said he had turned himself in to police. Neighbors getting near instant results with technology, and by working together.

“If this experience here would keep one person from being victimized or get this young man the help he needs then it is money well spent. I consider it to be paid for itself.”

Bayly is behind bars on a probation violation and has been charged with the car break-ins. 

FOX 46 Charlotte checked Bayly's criminal history and he was charged with breaking into cars in 2015.