Community discussing idea of giving Iredell Co. goverment workers right to concealed carry

It's a topic buzzing on the streets of Iredell County and one county commission change.

"Current law allows any member of the public to come into county offices and carry a concealed weapon or carry an open weapon," said James Mallory, the county commissioner chair.

That's an issue to be discussed Tuesday night when county commissioners hold a public hearing to talk about amending  the county's personnel ordinance -- allowing nearly 900 county government workers to carry a concealed weapon on the clock.

Mallory says the events that happened a few years back in San Bernardino ignited the idea of trying to change the policy here.

Others speaking with FOX 46 Charlotte believe it's a good idea so long as all precautions are taken.

"If you have a permit and a background check, I think you're allowed to carry them if they know what they are doing," said one woman.

Mallory adds that all proper checks and balances will be in place including proper weapons training. Although he knows you can't always prevent a tragic event, he believes this policy would be a step in the right direction.