Community House Middle School teacher goes 'above and beyond' in the classroom

FOX 46 Charlotte continues to honor teachers getting results. Right before the winter break, FOX 46 surprised a teacher whose creativity in the classroom caused such a stir, it even caught the district’s attention in December.

FOX 46 Charlotte dropped by Community House Middle School on Holiday Sweater Day. English Teacher Katlin King had gone all out, something she’s known for.

“If the lesson goes all the way to the assistant superintendent with its impact, I think she’s getting some serious results,” Principal Jamie Brooks said.

A recent lesson on dystopias caught the district’s attention when Brooks sent a letter home with students announcing teachers would be monitoring student’s cell phone use.

“Did anyone in the eighth grade fall for that?” King asked her classroom. A resounding “yes” was given. 

“It kind of opened my eyes to The Giver,” one of her students explained.

“Many of the children have been asking how these citizens can be so mindless to go along with what people are telling them, and so they weren’t realizing when you’re in a position of authority or you trust somebody, you do what they say,” King explained.

Mrs. King said she wants her students to question text presented as non-fiction, a lesson she said is vitally important when it comes to fake news.

“I hope they take away that the things I’m teaching them have meaning and hopefully they’re even saying to their parents ‘Did you read that whole article?’” King said.

“She’s always thinking outside of the box and wanting to do something real and relevant that kids will remember,” Brooks said.

She’s a FOX 46 Teacher Getting Results and Mrs. King isn’t going anywhere!

“Once I got to go into the classrooms and see, that, I know it sounds so cheesy and cliché, but the difference you can make and the impact, that’s what led me to education and to stay in it,” King said.

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