Community tips lead to at least 200 arrests, CMPD says

You could be the person police are looking for to help solve a crime.

At least 200 arrests have been made so far this year-- thanks to the community contributing to CMPD's Crimestoppers program.

"You may have that one piece of information that could solve the crime that can make all the difference in the world," said Amber Green, whose husband and son were injured in a felony hit and run in April.

"My graciousness is back to the community and Crimestoppers.  Had it not been for all the tips that came into the system, the case would still be open today."

Amber Green's husband and son were victims of a felony hit and run in a Harris Teeter parking lot in South Charlotte back in April.  While life for the Green family has been forever changed, if not for Crimestoppers and community members, the people responsible would still be walking the streets.

"It's hard to rest and have peace in your heart and mind knowing they're out there."

So far this year, CMPD's Crimestoppers program has received around 2,500 tips.

"Of those 2,500 tips, 200 arrests have been made, 48 guns have been seized and more than $70,000 worth of drugs have been taken off the streets," said Detective Brandon Miller.

Cases like the drive by shooting death of 20-year-old Jourdan Malik Hill remain unsolved.  Something you know could help bring closure to a family, if you just pick up the phone and call.

"As a victim of the crime, don't hesitate-- pick up the phone and call immediately-- it's so important," said Green.

CMPD's Crimestoppers program was recognized in a Southeastern Crimestoppers Association Conference in Atlanta back in April.

Campus Crimestoppers in local schools is also helping solve crimes-- including a recent gun incident at Garringer High School.

The campus Crimestoppers program has paid at right around $1,000 to CMS students for helping solve crimes.