Complaints pile up as more neighbors say they were swindled by refrigerator repairman

The list of complaints against an appliance repair man is piling up.

Only one story has aired, yet customers continue to reach out to FOX 46 with the same complaint. They say the repair man will collect money for a job he never finishes.

We're finding out he'll answer his phone for business, but block unhappy customers from calling him.
“This is me! This is true. I'm like, ‘I’m watching my story on TV. This is my story, and there has to be other people out there that has the same story,’" Matilda Eddy said.

Eddy was watching FOX 46 when she realized she had been duped by the same man as Emily Chatham.

“I've been so guarded about this type of thing and I can't believe somebody got me,” said Eddy.

LINK: Fridge repair frustrations; homeowner says she was duped

She said her fridge died, so she called 704-228-4285 to reach a company called "Rapid Response."

“Called me right back, and said they'd have someone come out the next day.”

Early on, she noticed a few irregularities. First the company had said Jake Jackson was the repairman, then they said Jay Jackson, and the number she called gets redirected to the same number we dialed two weeks ago when we interviewed Emily Chatham.

The man who answered responded to Jake, but later said his name was Randy Browne. He also said he was the only man working for his company.

FOX 46 sent a picture of surveillance footage from Chatham’s home to Eddy. She told FOX 46 the man in the footage is the same man she hired to fix her fridge.

Eddy says the man took a blow torch to the back of their fridge, said it was fixed and told them it'd take a day to cool.

“I was thinking, '24 hours for it to start cooling? That doesn't sound right,' so that's when I started getting suspicious.

Eddy says the fridge never worked again, and is still sitting in their garage. The wires in the back are melted. When she looked closer at her invoice, she realized a glaring mistake.

“Well, what I’m getting from this is that I called Rapid Response. All Season Heating and Cooling is the one that sent me the invoice and then there's also another store, Pro Appliance Services.

Four different businesses on an invoice for one botched job.

FOX 46 isn't done investigating. We're hearing from other unhappy customers on a regular basis. The big question is what can customers do?

If you feel like you've been a victim of fraud, don't hesitate to file a police report and submit an online claim with the attorney general's office. Without them, scam artists will continue to rip people off unchallenged.

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