Concerns over coyotes seen across Charlotte

Coyotes seen prowling through charlotte neighborhoods are putting people and their pets on high alert, and some say they were nearly attacked by the wild animals.

FOX 46 spoke with homeowners in several neighborhoods that have seen coyotes, and something they all mentioned is construction and developers taking down nearby woods

One neighbor says they come up and down her driveway every day and what happened when she asked Animal Control to step in. 

"They kill cats, they kill dogs, they kill anything they can get ahold of,” Gina Helms said. 

She lives in Moores Chapel, but the coyote concerns are echoing across Charlotte neighborhoods. 

"They come up and down our driveway every day,” she said. 

She says two coyotes tried to sneak up and attack her dogs out for a walk with her husband,

"He made a really loud get out of here and run them off.” 

One coyote was recently caught on camera in the Piper Glen area.

"I don't want any wild animals attacking me or my dog or God forbid a kid.” 

When FOX 46 asked her why she thinks coyotes are lurking in her neighborhood, she pointed to the developers across the street.

"Because I mean they stay in these woods back here.” 

Helms called Animal Control who told her there is nothing they could do about coyotes.

 "I’m like really? We live in the city, we pay taxes, you can't protect us?" 

The Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation website suggests calling 911 to get help from Animal Control, “only for situations where a coyote is displaying abnormal or aggressive behavior.” Now helms wants to take matters into her own hands.  

“Since we are in the city we are not allowed to shoot them. But if I had a rocking chair or a stool, I’d beat the crap out of them.” 

Helms says she try to only walk her dogs in daylight or close to the house, but if you see a coyote, Animal Control suggests making loud noises to scare them off and try to present yourself as the threat.