Concerns over light rail security growing after two attacks

There is growing concern tonight about riding the light rail across Charlotte. Just two days ago, a man was stabbed at the light rail while someone tried to rob him.

"I’m going to do me man I’m gone rise. All this stuff keeps happening to me, I’m gone rise," said Courtney Pinkney, the victim in that attack.

Pinkney says he works hard to do the right thing, but trouble found him Monday night when he was taking the light rail home from work. A man trying to rob him stabbed him then ran off with his bag. 

"You know we rumbling. The police and the ambulance finally show up and they're like drop it. That was crazy."

Several people on the light rail platform on East Trade Street say they ride the light rail every day. Each of their experiences have been different. 

"Do you feel like riding the light rail is safe at night?” FOX 46’s Jenyne Donaldson asked one rider. 

"No, absolutely not,” he said.

A little trouble like drunken passengers or fights over seats when the rail is crowded. Bigger issues come in with incidents like Wednesday's, when someone was shot, causing the CityLYNX GoldLine to be temporarily suspended. 

"I see security one out of every two or three times when I get on checking tickets or just checking to see who's on the train."

Some passengers say having additional security at each stop would make it safer. 

"A lot of people jump on the rails that don't have tickets. Most of them are the homeless. Sometimes at certain stops they'll jump on and check but it's very seldom. It's very dangerous."

CATS tells FOX 46 they have 900 cameras monitoring the Blue Line and there are blue light phones on every platform in addition to an emergency call button on the train.