Concord bus driver wins $2 million on Powerball ticket

A Concord bus driver knows exactly what it feels like to hit it big. She wo n $2 million on a Powerball lottery ticket earlier this month. 

Laura Medlin was a single mom working three jobs years ago, she dropped out of high school after she got pregnant and struggled to pay the bills. 

“I'd have probably been living on the streets if not with other people because I couldn't do it all alone,” 
Laura said. 

Laura found her calling driving the school bus for Cabarrus County schools for kids with special needs. 

“I love my job.” 

She got married, and then hit it big winning Powerball earlier this month. 

“She says ‘you just won the two million’ and I grabbed the counter saying ‘please don't pass out, don't pass out,’” said Laura.

Laura bought a big pick-up truck. Now, she's planning to buy a home and she's going back to school to get her GED, but she hasn't quit her day job. 

“I want to show my daughter-- she's nine-years-old in November-- and I want to show her that she needs it.” 

After that, she wants to go to college to become a teacher, working with children with disabilities. 

“I love them having them on the bus, but to have them in a classroom I think it would be pretty awesome,” she said. 

A lottery winner who's not just sitting on her good fortune, remembering it's only so valuable. 

“It's life changing, yes it is, and I won't say it's not, but just remember money can't buy happiness. Happiness is who you are.”