Concord firefighters help elderly woman clean, mow lawn

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Photos: Concord Fire Department 

A group of Concord firefighters went beyond the call of duty to help a 78-year-old woman struggling to mow her law in the morning heat. They stepped in and helped. 

"What do you do when you are doing hydrant maintenance and find an elderly citizen struggling to mow? You do the ethical thing, put hydrants on hold for an hour, mow, trim bushes, and chat with her for a few minutes about the joys in life," the Concord Fire Department wrote on social media. 

“I could not believe it,” said Pat Lee. “They actually took the lawn mower out of my hands!"

Four firefighters at Station 10 were in Lee’s neighborhood doing a routine check on the fire hydrants on Violet Cannon Drive in Concord on Friday. 

“We wanted to treat it like it’s our own yard and take care of her,” said Captain Matt Floeter. “You could tell she had been at it for a while and was pretty tired so we decided to stop and give her a hand.” 

His team dropped their wrenches and picked up the yard work, weeding and mowing her lawn. 

“What would have taken me all day they did in nothing flat to me,” said Lee. “They even trimmed the edges. Now come on who does that!” 

Concord firefighters say everything from answering the emergency call, to checking smoke detectors to now cutting the grass, is now all part of the job. 

“We are not just your firefighters we are not just here when you call us, we are here to help you,” said Public Information Officer Allyson Sigmon. “It’s the mission of the city of Concord to preserve, protect, and enhance, and if that means stop to mow someone’s lawn in the middle of hydrants, so be it. That’s what we are going to do." 

“They don’t know it but after they left I just sat and cried. I just could not believe that someone just stopped and did that for me!” Lee said. 

The retired social worker says they renewed her faith in humanity and plans to pay it forward. 

“They made my year! Not my day, my entire year," she said. 

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