Concord neighbors fighting Hwy 73 widening project

If you drive down LaForest Lane, there are signs everywhere saying “Highway 73 Widening-Alternate 3 widening goes directly through our neighborhood.” 

Neighbors now have less than a week to speak out on a project that could have a big effect on them. 

“Very upset, very frustrated that our livelihood basically is at stake here," Jennifer Holton said. 

She's fighting to keep her property. The North Carolina Department of Transportation has two plans that would turn her yard into a four lane highway. 

“We would have speeding traffic flying by the front of our house,” Holton said. “My children can't safely be outside anymore.”

Holton and her neighbor Janette Bridenstine have been knocking on doors getting people to sign a petition to fight the DOT’s plan to re-route Highway 73 around the Coddle Creek reservoir, putting the road smack in the middle of their neighborhood-- Rollingwood Forest in Concord. 

"Just completely blindsided by this," Bridenstine said.

Holton and Bridenstine say more than a dozen homes could be torn down under one of the DOT’s plans. 

"It's going to impact all the neighbors in this neighborhood with houses being torn down and a four-lane plowing right through our homes," said Holton.

The DOT emphasizes that this is all very preliminary. There are four plans. Two of them do not impact the neighborhood. 

Neighbors have until next Tuesday, February 12, to voice their opinions on the plans. To have your voice heard, contact Theresa Ellerby at 919-707-6020 at at