Concord tow company blames HOA for towing confusion

Tense moments on Walkers Glen Drivet in Concord between residents living at Moss Creek Village and a tow company. 

"It was pretty hectic. Everybody was in an uproar," said Maureen Harris. 

"They are trying to throw us under the bus and it's always the tow truck company that gets the blame," said Jeremy Good, the owner of LeBleus Towing.

A community with limited parking  seeing multiple cars being towed Friday night.

Residents tell us they're supposed to receive 24-hour notice. So what happened?

The tow company is speaking out. The owner, Jeremy Good, believes the property threw his company under the bus because he says the HOA admitted it was wrong.

"Her boss is calling me saying even though they did the wrong thing, they have people's attention and now know not to do it. They've got them scared now," said Good. 

Good says because of this experience with Kuester Management Group he wants nothing to do with them in the future.

"I am done with it. This isn't what we do. We try to keep a good name and this isn't us," said Good.