#ConeWeed becomes viral sensation in Huntersville

Photo courtesy of Huntersville Fire Department and FOX 46 Charlotte's Nick Kosir 

Hashtag #ConeWeed all started with a pesty weed whose zest for life soon became a viral sensation in the town of Huntersville. Mobile users click here.

During down time this summer firefighters with Huntersville Fire Department's Station 2 would sit outside and enjoy the beautiful Carolina weather. There is a cone that sits on a property, right across from the station. They soon observed whenever the lawn was mowed the company would never move the cone. 

Over time, a weed (yes, a weed) starting growing from underneath the cone and eventually popped through the top. As time passed and the Queen City entered into the holiday season, an unknown person placed Christmas decorations on the weed. A few days later, another person put toys underneath it. As days passed, someone else put a Christmas sign next to it. 

Photos of the hilarious sight began popping up on social media, with the hashtag #ConeWeed. The hashtag and the 'weed' itself have become a full-flown sensation in Huntersville. 

A graphic designer started selling #ConeWeed shirts where all of the proceeds will go towards the charity Hope.Match.org. Another donor has promised to match proceeds up to $10,000. 

A song has even been created and posted on YouTube about the viral sensation. 

"There are only four more days to buy a shirt and I think it would be equal parts awesome and hilarious to see a freaking weed generate $20,000 for a charity," FOX 46 Charlotte's Nick Kosir wrote on Facebook.