Confederate monument 'Fame' vandalized in Salisbury

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FOX 46 Charlotte

A confederate monument in Salisbury has been defaced with a splash of yellow paint. The statue, titled "Fame," depicts a Confederate solider and an angelic figure.

As the sun came up on the Confederate statue Wednesday morning at the median of W. Innes Street and Church Street, the city saw paint dripping from about the statue's waist down the base.

No word on who committed this crime. Salisbury Police tell FOX 46 Charlotte they have very few clues to work with.

"Cowards do stuff in the middle of the night when no one can see it, real people come out and clean up their messes that's just the way it is," said one volunteer who was cleaning the monument.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy chapter decided on the statue in 1901. The completed statue arrived in Salisbury in 1905, but the land that the monument sits on wasn’t deeded to the UDC until 1908 by the Salisbury Board of Aldermen and Mayor. Right now, there are no plans to remove the statue.

"That represents racists. We are trying to get past that in America now. It's 2019 and something like that should be took down because it just brings up old memories," said Micheal Warren from Salisbury.

"The war is over. It's a memorial to dead men who were only soliders for 4 years who sacrificed their lives on a lot of things during those 4 years," said an anonymous volunteer cleaning the monument. 

This vandalism investigation remains open and ongoing.