Confederate statues at State Capitol not going anywhere

Three confederate statues on state house grounds won't be going anywhere.

The State's Historical Commission assured today, though, despite its decision, the difficult era in our history won't be ignored.

The committee that met today decided to keep the three monuments at the state capitol, but they made some suggestions, like adding additional signage or additional monuments adjacent to the existing Confederate monuments, memorializing the accomplishments and contributions of African-Americans during that time period, along with their struggles to overcome slavery.

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Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory made some controversial remarks on his WBT Radio Show regarding the toppling of the "Silent Sam" statue on UNC's campus.

"Are they any different than Nazis in the 1930s in Germany?" he said. "Tearing down statues and burning books?"

The debate over confederate monuments continues throughout the region.

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"They should've been torn down a long time ago," said Charlotte Resident Jeroans Cathey.

"It's still history," said Steven Vaglio.  "We're not proud of a lot of what happened, but it is our history and it's both good and bad history."

The committee says funds will be raised to design and construct the additional monuments.