Conflicting narratives continue in case of Charlotte man found hanged in truck

Conflicting narratives are coming out of the case of a Charlotte man found hanged in a tractor trailer he was driving in Indiana. On Thursday, his mother broke her silence about the troubling details of the story. 

"It looks like they tried to cut his whole neck off,” Taesha Hunt told FOX 46.

She says she received her son's body with a huge cut across his neck bruises all over his body and his leg was bent. 

The Allen County Coroner’s Office says there were no injuries to Taemon Blair's body. They did not do an autopsy, and believe he strangled himself with his pajamas in a tractor trailer he was driving in Indiana. 

"I’m angry because I feel like they are trying to pass it off and throw it away and say it was suicide."  

Hunt says a detective called her to say he believes there is foul play, but she before ending the phone call, she didn't get his name.  

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"When you are upset and trying to figure out what's going on with your child you don't stop to say, 'well what's your name?'" 

The question of cameras at the truck facility where Blair was found is also a concern. Officials say the cameras are motion sensitive and would have turned on if someone walked by Blair’s truck. 

"I’m not going to stop until I find who did that to my baby." 

The family also says they were told if they didn't make arrangements to pick up his body, Blair would be cremated, but on Thursday the Allen County Coroner's Office told me in an email cremation was never discussed and that would be the family's choice. 

"I will release the pictures because now I have put my baby to rest. I'm okay, but I want them to see what they done to my baby."