Controversy over proposed affordable housing development in northeast Charlotte

Several northeast Charlotte neighbors gathered at Monday's city council meeting to express their displeasure with a proposed affordable housing development. 

Those against the plan got some backing from councilmember Matt Newton, who said there was already too much development in a space too small to handle it. 

He said the area is already suffering from a "lack of infrastructure, lack of jobs in the area, dangerous intersections," and more. 

However, Newton and the protestors were in the minority at the meeting. The project in question is set to be developed on Harrisburg Road near Sam Dee Road and would essentially be a housing development. 

The city approved the project even though it went against the long-term plan for the area, which is what had neighbors so upset. 

"We're asking for buses, we're asking for grocers, we want a Food Lion, a Harris Teeter," said Diana McLemore. "They don't care, they don't come, they don't want to come."

Supporters of the project say it will help housing and that the developers will deal with any additional traffic that comes to the area. 

"I think the misconception was that there was no compromise. I think the developers that we spoke with and work with have actually made a lot of concessions," sad Jan Reiseling. 

Tonight's approval paves the way for the project which is basically a 300 unit building.