Convicted stalker goes back to woman's home over Easter weekend

A convicted stalker who's shown up to his victim's home on religious holidays more than once was arrested again -- this time over Easter weekend.

The Union County Sheriff's Office has arrested 23-year-old Logan Ursini after they say he was waiting across the street from a young woman's home this weekend.

"We were just kind of blown away that he was still just sitting outside the house, hiding in the bushes," her father told FOX 46.

He says he doesn't understand Ursini's obsession with his daughter.

"There was no relationship. They went to high school together. Didn't even share a class together."

He says his daughter barely knew Ursini until he started stalking her.


Ursini is currently serving probation for stalking the man’s daughter, and he's awaiting trial for allegedly communicating threats to her boyfriend.

"At this point it's numbing because it's just more of the same. It's never ending," he said. "It's like Groundhog Day. It's just revolving over and over and over again and it never stops."

Ursini once left a shrine on their front porch with a Bible turned to the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

"I’ve mentioned in the past that he has said and told people many times that he is the ‘second coming,’ a ‘new Jesus,’” the victim’s father told FOX 46.

There was an alabaster jar which Mary used to pour oil on Jesus' feet, Birkenstock sandals and a bottle of wine.The family's house is now lined with security cameras.

"Way, way, way, beyond an obsession," the woman's father said.

FOX 46 was in court when Judge Christopher Bragg warned Ursini, saying: "So you show up on the porch and her father pulls out a shotgun and shoots, even if you have flowers on your head...I can guarantee you that the District Attorney's office won't charge.”

The woman's father says all he wants is for Ursini to leave them alone, or he'll have to face the consequences. 

"My message to Logan is we continue to ask you to stay away. What I want you to do is get some help or spend the rest of your life in jail, it's your choice."

Ursini is being held under a $130,000 bond, and his next court date is set for May 28.