Copperhead Strike inspection report shows lock and safety cable broke

FOX 46 is learning more about how a rider was injured on the new Copperhead Strike roller coaster last month at Carowinds.

The brand new Copperhead Strike opened with anticipation at Carowinds this year, but on August 18 the launch coaster suddenly closed after a rider injured her thumb.

FOX 46 has obtained the official inspection report. A South Carolina ride inspector visited the park one day after the incident. He found a seat back holding lock and safety cable was broken on one of the trains.

According to the report, the inspector "found damage to the top edge fiberglass of the seat back, where the seatback struck the shoulder restraint hand holds where the riders right thumb was also struck by the seat back."

The broken lock and safety cable caused the female rider to cut and break her thumb.

The inspector says the manufacturer of the ride, a family owned company from Germany, has provided Carowinds with a new bolt for each seatback in hopes of preventing the same incident from happening again.

Copperhead Strike was inspected and reopened on August 22. According to the South Carolina inspector, the train where the holding lock and safety cable broke has not been put back into service until the seat is fixed.