COPY-Manvel H.S. Principal shares details about 3 students lost in fiery crash

Joshua Rodriguez, 18, was driving on County Road 89 with passengers Sara Silvas, 17, and Zornitsa Petrova, 17. Rodriguez reportedly lost control of the car, went into a ditch, and slammed into a culvert. The car then burst into flames and neighbors attempted to put it out with fire extinguishers, but believed the teenagers were trapped and already deceased.

Charlotte Liptack, Manvel High School Principal, shared the following details about her students.

Sara is the daughter of Manvel High School Dual Credit Advisor, Monica Silvas. Sara always had a bright smile and was a vibrant part of the Manvel High School community. She was kind, hardworking, and always helpful. She was a key member of the Manvel High School varsity softball team and was making plans to attend University of Texas at San Antonio.

Josh played football and soccer for Manvel High School. He was an active student who was always happy and loved life. He was enthusiastic, vibrant and athletic. He was making plans to attend the University of Houston with a major in engineering. Josh has a 10th grade sibling at Manvel High School and a 5th grade sibling at Mary Marek Elementary, as well as a sibling that was a 2013 graduate of Manvel High School.

Zori was a member of the Manvel High School swim and tennis teams. She was also the senior class president. She had an outgoing, contagious personality. She was a brilliant student and an integral member of the debate and academic decathlon teams. She had been accepted, and was planning to attend Texas A&M University. Zori has a 10th grade brother also at Manvel High School.